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Poems and Articles

 "Ceiling Fan", "Que Natus Es", and "Five Month Triptych" Adelaide Literary. April 2019. Print/Web


“Victory after Abuse.” Young Salvationist. 10 2012: 14-15. Print.

“Roast your own coffee.” Backwoods Home Magazine . 01 2013: 62-63. Print.

 “Just the Two of Us.” Southwest Florida Parent and Child. 08 2013. Web.

“Garden” and “February, 23 Florida”  Stepping Stones Magazine. Online.

“Working Day” Stepping Stones Magazine. Online.

“Need Space? Organize” Times of the Islands Magazine. May/June 2015.

“Blessingway” Screamin’ Mamas Magazine. Print/Online. June 2015.

“Past Midnight” Third Wednesday. Print/Online.

“Tonight We’re Waiting” Helen Literary Magazine. Blog: Friday Night Specials.

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